About World Tai Chi & Qigong Summit

Welcome to the World Tai Chi & Qigong Summit, a global online event that celebrates and deepens the understanding of the ancient practices that have the power to transform lives. This annual summit, held on World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, brings together thousands of practitioners and enthusiasts from all corners of the world celebrating unity and peace. Our international community of like-minded people is dedicated to sharing, learning, and exploring the flow of Qi.


The genesis of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day was the vision of Bill Douglas, who saw the need to create a global platform that encourages the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong, promoting health, well-being, and a harmonious world. We honor Bill's pioneering work and his ongoing efforts to spread awareness and knowledge of these profound practices.

His emphasis on mind-body disciplines encourages using energy as the medium to connect and unify all aspects of being. Through these practices, we explore the states of consciousness that facilitate being in the flow, empowering participants to experience life with greater awareness, peace, and abundance.

World Tai Chi & Qigong Summits were designated to expand upon this vision, offering a more interactive exploration of these arts through the contributions of renowned masters and teachers. The creator of the annual summits is Lama Tantrapa, who is the lineage holder of Qi Dao and pioneer of Qigong Coaching. His aim is to extend the reach and depth of Tai Chi and Qigong practices by teaching the Art of Being in the Flow of Qi, which is considered the "Holy Grail" of all Energy Arts.

This year's summit provides an unprecedented opportunity for both beginners and advanced practitioners to learn how to manifest greater abundance of energy, vitality, love, and prosperity by integrating energy awareness into the daily life. Together, let's create a global movement dedicated to using the practice of being in the flow to manifest a more harmonious and enlightened world.

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Courtesy of Bill Douglas, co-founder World Tai Chi & Qigong Day and the author of the Complete Idiot's Guide to Tai Chi & Qigong, you are welcome to take advantage of the great database of training tutorials and scientific research resources compiled by him. Just click the button below and enjoy!